Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tadpole's Promise Strikes Again

No, I'm afraid there is not a sequel to Tadpole's Promise by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross, but I can never resist telling their tale. There are few picture books that are easier to prove the point that even older students can enjoy a picture book. In December Aunt Betty went to two fifth grade classes with a large suitcase full of new books. (Yes, she could come to your class. I could, too, for that matter.) She began each class with a telling of Tadpole's Promise and the lesson learned is that you shouldn't skip the short books- they aren't always just for the little ones. As you may recall, this book falls into the "don't shoot from the hip because it might backfire group."

While there, Aunt Betty booktalked some of the newest trends in literature for middle grades- series, comics, nonfiction. The hour went by quickly. Interspersed were some great books that fifth graders might miss because they are in the "easy section." Aunt Betty told them that they could always use them to read to their younger siblings. They are really short stories that might give them an idea about their own writing. Pictures are amazing...

I just got a book of thank you letters from the classes. Two letters especially made me laugh out loud.

Dear Aunt Betty,
I really appreciate you coming to our class and telling about all new books. I thought that the story The Tadpole's Promise was pretty funny. I can relate to that story because my mom wants me to stay her little baby but I can't and I told her to expect change. So thanks for coming to our class.

Dear Aunt Betty,
Thank you for visiting my school and sharing books with us. I really liked the books you showed us. The stories that you told us were awesome because I told the tadpole and caterpillar story to my mom and my dad and they loved it. And I told the story to my baby brother for bedtime story and he went right to sleep.


Well. There you go...

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