Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Developing New Seminars

On Monday- was that just yesterday?- I sent in my handbook for my newest seminar, How School Library Staff Can Impact Student Achievement: Collaboration Ideas that Work. (See Institute for Educational Development to find out if I am coming to your area. Like most other things in my life, one deadline follows another.

Now I am working on another seminar on Using Technology in the Library. I have my own ideas about what to include, but I am curious as to yours. What would you like to learn about in a 5 hour seminar? Though there will be breakout exercises, this seminar will be mostly show and tell. Participants won't necessarily bring their laptops or have internet connectivity. So, put in your two cents and let me know.


SEMS Library Lady said...

I don't see you on the California schedule? Am I being too impatient, or are you not offering the collaboration seminar here?

Deborah B. Ford said...

Not yet. Right now it's in OK, CO, VA and IL. I'm hoping it will go well and be offered to more areas.