Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank Goodness for English

I've spent most of the last two days at the district hearings regarding the layoff notices to certificated teachers. This morning, the union attorney told us that 20 teachers would be recalled before the testimony continued. She rattled off many different subject areas. Library was not one of them. I settled in for what I was sure would be a long day. The very last name that was called was me. I gasped. I cried. People applauded.

What happened? I don't know exactly, but it seems there were errors made in the seniority list and tie breakers due to other certification. I believe my English teaching credential saved me. Now I am free to breathe and go about my work.

Relieved? Extremely. Relaxed? Not yet. Classifed battles have yet to begun. Now, I get to stay to help fight them.

For all of you who wrote to support me. I thank you. For those who prayed and spoke and wrote to others, let's remember we're not out of the woods yet. Let's keep all libraries open. Libraries matter because children matter.


Amie Wilson said...

Thank Goodness is right! We NEED you and are so relieved that you will be staying on.

SEMS Library Lady said...

That's great news for your students and all the library staff that you make better through your training!


ferrarisa said...

So glad to hear that. I enjoyed your workshop in Ohio on March 17th. I'm SO glad that you will still have your job!!!

SusieLou110545 said...

Boy! This has been my head in the sand year (or in the pink eye place)....I totally missed that you get to stay on!! yay!!

SusieLou110545 said...

I'm so enjoying (just now!) reading your past blogs!