Monday, August 2, 2010

My 15 Minutes Plus

It looks like perhaps I hit on a popular subject with my Comic Con gig. Word got to my school district. The media was alerted. The next day my office was filled with reporters and news cameras. The district gathered all the footage into one video clip that runs about 3.5 minutes. School Library Journal called me for an interview. The article will come out tomorrow.  Library Media Connection wants me to write an article, “Redefining Reading.” I was invited to speak at the SLJ Leadership Summit in Chicago. I have answered mail from all over the country about using graphic novels in the classroom. I stand amazed.

I was even more amazed at Comic Con. For those of you who are out of the popular culture loop, San Diego Comic Con is the place to be for popular culture, comic books, all things Star Trek and the like. It’s a place to see and be seen. 130,000 people attended this 4 day conference. The SD Convention Center main floor is completely covered with vendors, while break out sessions start in the morning and end at “prevening.” Costume balls, movie and TV premiers… So many costumes that you sometimes think you could be on the back lot of a movie production company.

I spoke on a panel with 3 university professors on the topic “Comics in the Classroom.” The room was set up for 260 people. I thought, “hmm, going to be a lot of empty seats.” Was I wrong! The room was full with standing room only. The hour passed quickly- I had so much more to say. Afterwards, our table was mobbed by people who wanted to ask questions, get our cards, or ask for help. Chris Butcher, our moderator, posted our handouts on his website. If you missed it, you can at least see these.

I did walk the vendor floor on Preview Night. I have to say, it was much different than a library conference. (Can you see my sign?) I am afraid that even though I had on my cowgirl boots for bravery, I was still very anxious. I was delighted to see publishers I knew. My sister’s big question was, “Did you see any stars?” I am afraid not.

Despite the crowds, the traffic, the unfamiliarity, a funny thing happened. I usually avoid downtown like the plague during the Con. Too many crowds, etc. But I have to say this. The folks who go to Comic Con are passionate about what they love. They love the characters. They love the buzz. They love the comics. I, too, fell under the spell. I went there to preach redefining reading, but left as a fan of Comic Con.

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JoanLMT2 said...

I just want to say, "Cool!" Cool that they asked you to speak. Cool that you drew such a big audience. Cool that you enjoyed the vibe. Cool that ComiCon is enjoying national press. In the 1960s my mother analyzed the reading levels of the Classic Comic Book series for her Master's project. Unfortunately, I do not have her dissertation to know her conclusions, but an unintended result was that I enjoyed many tales that I would not have read otherwise. Scarlet Pimpernel, are you still out there...?