Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mockingjay Day

Today is Mockingjay Day. A day that Hunger Games’ fans have been anxiously awaiting. The third in a series staring a strong female character who lives in a dystopian world, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins has been kept under lock and key. Today the bird is released.

No. I did not get it early. Yes. I went to my local bookstore first thing this morning and got my copy. No. I left it in the car so I would actually work today.

I gave one of my theater friends (a fifty-ish male) a copy of Hunger Games last year to read on a transatlantic flight. When he got to his layover, he called me. “This is a kid’s book?," he said. “Yes,” I told him. “It’s what we call a YA (Young Adult)," which for elementary means R rated movie- run away.

“It's like a car wreck," he said. "You know you should look away but you can't help yourself. So...(big pause) do you have the sequel?” he asked me next. I smiled. “Of course I do.” Another reader hooked I thought to myself.

That’s the beauty of a really good book. It spans the ages for which it was written. Look at the success of Harry Potter. It almost became an offense to people if you hadn’t read it or a guilty secret for some of my librarian staff. "What do you mean you haven't read it?!"

A good read captures your audience on the first page. Sorry, this is so short. I have to get something out of my car...

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