Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where in the World is Deborah Now?

This week I am “on the road,” as we say at the office. I am on tour, so to speak, with BER, Bureau of Education and Research. This company sends educators across the United States and Canada to lead full day seminars on all sorts of subjects related to education. Today I am on my way to begin the week in Detroit, then we are off to Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis before heading home. My topic for the week is Increasing the Effectiveness of Your School Library Program. If you live near the areas where I will be, check out the BER website, sign up and join us. I have so many things to tell you while you’re there. I’ll fire you up and send you out. If you aren't in that part of the world, contact me and we can talk about how you can bring me to you.

So I have to tell you. I am on a flight to Detroit and guess who is sitting two people down from me? Jonathan Rand. You would be proud. I didn’t gush when I recognized him- unlike the time I literally ran into Esme Codell. It was pathetic, but she said she liked gushing. "Go ahead and gush!" Rand has been in San Diego and is on his way home. Search him on this blog for info about this author and fabulous speaker for Grades 1-6ish. FYI- he’s working on a story while he flies. So there you have it. Authors write on planes.

I’m also writing on the plane. Delta has Gogo which is a wifi service allowing passengers to use the internet while they fly. Amazing! Since it’s a long flight to Minneapolis, there is time to write on my blog, double-check my power point for tomorrow and catch up on email. I have thirty minutes left of battery, so I had better work quickly. Good thing I brought a book.

Speaking of books, I got my first royalty check this week. Now that is an amazing thing. I hung it on my refrigerator. I have to tell you- it feels pretty good. Now it’s time to start on another. Any suggestions?

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Susan Quinn said...

Yay for you for that first check!