Friday, April 2, 2010

A Howling Good Story

It’s funny that Connie should mention by The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood. I just finished it myself. This is the first in a series, The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place. Wood tells the story of Miss Penelope Lumley and her first job as a governess. Are you a parent? Do you ever feel like your children are wild animals? It seems that Penelope’s charges almost are. Rumor has it they were raised by wolves. They certainly look and sound as if they were. The three orphans were found in the woods by the master of the house while he was out hunting. But keeping children in the barn is unacceptable to this governess, so she rolls up her sleeves and begins to teach the children. Perhaps not the Latin she intended, but certainly what they need to live in the house.

Horrible adults and pressure to perform keep the story moving. Humorous situations keep the story from being too dark. Then there’s an underlying mystery about the whole thing. Where did the children come from? Where are their parents? And why does the master disappear at the most odd moments for long periods of time? I have some ideas, but I shall restrain myself and wait anxiously for the sequel. Maybe not too many moons from now?

Remember that when you find a new book, always look for support material from the author's website. I found a lovely blog by the author. I also found support material on the publisher's website (another great place to look). Why reinvent the wheel? There is a fun game that makes you feel like one of the incorrigibles! Warning: Extremely addictive if you are competitive. Be sure you won't burn down the house before you begin.

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