Monday, March 8, 2010

The Word is Out!

My first book with Linworth Publishing, Scary, Gross and Enlightening: Books for Boys, Grades 3-12 is out. I have decided that publishing a book is kind of like producing a show. You work really hard for a long time behind the scenes and then you let it go. In a show, you rehearse the cast. You prepare the sets, costumes and lights. Then you let it go and hope for the best. In publishing, the editors and publishing company take over. One day, your copy comes in the mail. There it is.

I remember when I saw the movie, Julie and Julia, for the first time. The day her copy came was an ordinary day. Paul brought in the mail as usual, but there was a big envelope on the bottom of the pile. Like Julia, I opened the envelope, held my book to my chest and then cried. Finally, it was done. The show was delivered.

It actually has been released for awhile. But last week, I got the blessing of the library gods. It was reviewed in Curriculum Connections of School Library Journal- the featured professional title of all things! Being reviewed is one of the most terrifying things. You hope someone will review you, but you also hope he says something good. Getting the blessing from SLJ is amazing.

If you buy my book, I hope you will find it to be useful. I wrote it so that if I can’t get to your area, you can at least have a bit of what I would tell you. It’s for parents and educators who want to get boys to read. But as the review says, I chose great books that will work for all kinds of kids- even girls. Let 'em pick. Let 'em read.

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JoanLMT2 said...

Congratulations, Deborah! This is a fantastic accomplishment, and I'm sure that Aunt Betty is with me in not being at all surprised at the great review!
Joan McCall