Monday, August 10, 2009

It Is What It Is

One of the most overused expressions these days is “It is what it is.” But after reading the new book, Thunder-Boomer! by Shutta Crum, that’s exactly what I thought. The story of a thunderstorm in the Midwest is full of onomatopoeia. A perfect book to teach “it is what it is.” Full of description, a family rushes to safety during a surprise storm. Sounds from the storm are highlighted in the beautiful watercolor illustrations. From the ping pang of the hail to the bawk squawk of Maizey the chicken, the storm comes to life as we see a family hunker down (might as well use another overused phrase) for the brief shower. Even if you don’t live where storms like these are familiar, the perfect pairing of story and illustration will take you there.

And speaking of chickens, I read another book this morning, Tillie Lays an Egg by Terry Golson, illustrated with photographs by Ben Fink. Almost “I Spy” in feeling, this story of a hen that lays her egg wherever she wants is a charming story that uses days of the week and a search and find technique to show where eggs come from. Surprise! It’s not the Winn-Dixie. Where will Tillie lay her next egg? Read it and find out.

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