Thursday, July 30, 2009

Read It, Don't Eat It!

Looking for a just right book to share with the Littles at Storytime or during the first week of school? I just finished a wonderful new story by Ian Schoenherr, Read It, Don’t Eat It!

Simply told in rhyming couplets, adorable animals tell the “book care rules.” On the title page, a bear gently holds and looks at a book. On page one he holds the book close to his chest, closes his eyes and smells. Turn the page. “Read it, don’t eat it!” it says. Bear has the book in the corner of his mouth.

The story goes on to show the reader how to care for a book. Charming illustrations and easy rhyming couplets make this book a winner and a classic in the making. Read it to your class or with your grandchildren. As my mother would say, “ a good time will be had by all.”

Look for other ideas about library orientation to follow in future blogs.

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