Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trust Me

I had an interesting visit at a school library site yesterday. It turns out that this particular library was converted our computer circulation system in 2003, but the school never used it. Half of the books are not barcoded, as they were still using pocket cards to sign. There are no generic barcodes. The circulation computer wasn’t even put together, much less updated. (Remember now, this is a huge district, and only one of me... Sometimes you have to be grateful that the library is just not dark.)

Though neat and cheerful, the library books were not in Dewey order. There were mini-collections everywhere. It had been set up in standard shelving order when it was converted. Now, it is doing its own thing.

To top it off, the new library assistant there was, of course, bumped to this position. In this district if your position is eliminated or reduced, you can take someone's job that is comparable. It causes a big chain reaction with the last man standing doing something else. She is a long way from home at a school not of her choosing. She has inherited a great deal of work.

Here is the best part. There was a smile on her face. There was action in her steps. She has a plan to get things rolling. No complaints. No whining. No being ugly to her kids, teachers, parents, administration or even to me. She is determined to make the best of it because she is there for the kids and teachers- no matter whose they are.

She wouldn’t want me to tell you who she is. But let her be an example to all of you who are not where you want to be. Our job is to serve the children and the community where we are placed. Our job is to be helpful and make those who come into our door feel welcome and glad to be there. Rejoice in an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and grow as a library staff person.

If you love your job, loving your place may come. Trust me.

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