Friday, March 14, 2008

Laugh a Little, Laugh a Lot

After a long, tough week, I searched through my carts of "to-be-read-as-soon-as-possible" books, looking for potential ticklers. Eureka! I found some. First there was Chester by Melanie Watts (2007), a story about writing a story. Chester continues to interrupt the author and write corrections to her story with his red marker. Laugh out Loud! The cover is even marked for the award to follow.

Then I read The Cow Who Laid An Egg by Andy Cutbill (2008). Cow is feeling rather ordinary until the chickens decide to help her out. A surprise ending brought much needed laughter into my office.

Finally, a sister team that never fails to bring a chuckle or two- Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel's new picture book, Help Me, Mr. Mutt. Mr. Mutt, is full of sage advice for the dogfolk who write to him. The Queen (a cat with great cattitude) consistently offers a second opinion in this humorous tale of a power struggle.

I think I will start the weekend off with a new novel that has been compared to Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Iris, Messenger by Sarah Deming (2007, Harcourt). The first paragraph begins like this: "The main difference between school and prison is that prisons release you early for good behavior. School lasts about thirteen years no matter how good you are. Also, prison food is better." So far, so good...

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